Society for Uttaranchal Development & Himalayan Action

Experience in Undertaking Research Studies/Surveys

SUDHA has been involved in Conducting Studies/Research/Surveys in specific thematic areas in collaboration with agencies viz. JPS Associates (P) Ltd. New Delhi & SMEC India (P) Ltd., New Delhi under Uttaranchal Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (UARWSES) Project; some of which are mentioned below:

§  Feasibility criteria and Selection of GPs for Batch I, SWAJAL-II’ with JPS Associates (P) Ltd. New Delhi, proposed & financially supported by Uttaranchal Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (UARWSES) Project to select Gram Panchayats in Kumaon Region of Uttaranchal as per the feasibility criteria based on aspects viz. need, willingness, available resources, status of existing water supply sources, technical feasibility, costing, status of sanitation & hygiene, status of village institutions and catchment protection.

§  SWAJAL II Engineering Survey with SMEC India (P) Ltd. for Design of Water Supply Schemes under SWAJAl Project.

§  Cluster Level Solar Energy Survey under IREP of MNES funded by UREDA

§  SUDHA has been involved in Conducting detailed PRA Exercise/Situational Analysis/ Digital Mapping using GPS/GIS in 46 Mini Watershed areas of Kosi Catchment Area in District Almora under IWDP.


Diagnostic Study of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Districts Uttarakashi and Almora:

SUDHA has undertaken an AES based Study-cum-Survey for MAP based livelihood assessment, mapping and threat assessment of MAP resources and analysis in 06 Cluster of Lamgara, Dhauladevi and Bhaisiyachana Development Blocks of District Almora, and in 03 Clusters of Naugaon and Mori Development Blocks of District Uttarkashi in collaboration with Uttarakhand Parvatiya Aajeevika Samvardhan Company (UPASaC) Almora and DMU ULIPH Uttarkashi. This analysis was primarily undertaken to identifying the critical bottlenecks as well as the types of institutional support and other opportunities available, around which the sub-sector interventions can be designed. Based upon the findings a holistic plan was developed for conservation, development, harvesting, group certification for cultivated and collected MAPs, promotion of MAP based SME, all through intervention of site specific growers / collectors associations. The findings assist in selection of area on the basis of agro-climatic conditions of the region followed by the identification of available natural resources in the region viz. availability of water, soil structure, flora and fauna etc. Selection of farmers has also been done in the project area.

Key Outputs are as follows:

ü  Cluster wise commonly harvested MAPs, location of villages, land use pattern, land being made available ofr MAP cultivation, potential farmers interested in MAP cultivation, their average annual income and an average economic activity projection from MAP cultivation has been included in the plan

ü  Creation of Inventory of Key Medicinal Plants in the Area (as identified)  as available, and suitable species for production

ü  Suggestive measures mentioned, to enhance efficiency, cost effectiveness and upgradation of harvesting, drying, grading, packaging, transportation and storage of medicinal plants.

ü  Suitable species of medicinal plants identified and indicated for cultivation on non-forest lands and establish micro-enterprises for value addition.

ü  Plan developed for intervention in the sub-sector (covering aspects viz. collection & cultivation; value addition at grassroots’ level, propose suitable linkages, pricing and disbursement of proceeds etc. The Plan also encompasses Gantt Chart for MAPs Cluster Development and Implementation Plan for Demonstration of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops.

ü  Projections of Profitability of Selected MAP Crops encompassing Major Inputs, Expected Output, Profitability per nali (in Rupees) of Selected MAP Crops has been precisely mentioned.

ü  Monograph submitted also includes uses of Selected MAPs and Suitable Conditions for their Cultivation

ü  Threat and Risk assessment has also been incorporated in the Plan